Monthly Archives: October 2013

Why I volunteer for SCORE

As a small business advisor who loves helping others, I’m constantly looking for opportunities to assist both entrepreneurs and current business owners with the ideas they are most passionate about. I love seeing America’s small businesses drive our economy. I recently became a member of SCORE, a national nonprofit organization made up of current and […]

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A basic explanation of the vehicle deduction – Bert Seither

There are millions of cars on the road across America every day. From SUVs to trucks to smart cars, we all have to transport ourselves to different places for various reasons. We also have to deal with the expenses associated with driving and maintaining a vehicle that can add up over time. If you spend […]

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Getting more satisfaction out of a business – Bert Seither

Just like the Rolling Stones are singing about not getting enough satisfaction, some small business owners are clamoring for the same thing. The process of running a business can be quite daunting, and the satisfaction levels of business owners aren’t always high. To try and keep yourself satisfied as much as possible, small business advisor […]

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