Monthly Archives: November 2013

Benefits of establishing partnerships as a small business – Bert Seither

When a small business joins forces with other successful companies, it can gain a backbone that will help it flourish moving forward – just like a good marriage. Bert Seither, a small business specialist, points out the following benefits to establishing partnerships with others if you manage a small business: — It gives you more […]

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5 traits successful entrepreneurs should have – Bert Seither

All entrepreneurs and small business owners are different, but there are certainly some common characteristics among them. Bert Seither, who helps small business owners succeed, points out the following traits that entrepreneurs should have to enjoy success: #1 – Passion and enjoyment for something Entrepreneurs must be passionate about something in order to be successful […]

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Tips to protect your small business online – Bert Seither

In the small business world, the Internet can be a tremendous resource and a risky tool to use at the same time. Because of this, small business specialist Bert Seither recommends the following tips to protect your business online: 1) Use antivirus and antimalware software Individuals use software to protect against viruses, malware, and spyware […]

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