Monthly Archives: March 2014

Bert Seither on tax deductible charitable contributions

It’s always a good feeling to brighten someone’s day by making a contribution to a charitable organization, knowing that your donation will go to someone in need. It’s even better knowing that this contribution may qualify as an IRS tax write-off when the time comes to file your return. Bert Seither, The Startup Expert™, explains […]

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Bert Seither on the entity classification election for LLCs

When it comes to operating a small business, limited liability companies (LLCs) come with a little more flexibility for their owners. One major choice that LLC operators enjoy is to choose how they wish to have their companies treated by the IRS when it comes to taxes. In IRS terms, this is referred to as […]

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Writing a business plan – Bert Seither, The Startup Expert™

A business plan essentially serves as a foundation for a small business. It should provide you with a roadmap on what your business will look like, how it will make money, and some of the little things that don’t always come to mind when starting it up and ultimately running it. According to Bert Seither, […]

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