5 traits successful entrepreneurs should have – Bert Seither

Bert SeitherAll entrepreneurs and small business owners are different, but there are certainly some common characteristics among them. Bert Seither, who helps small business owners succeed, points out the following traits that entrepreneurs should have to enjoy success:

#1 – Passion and enjoyment for something

Entrepreneurs must be passionate about something in order to be successful at it. Not only is passion a big necessity, there should also be a sense of enjoyment to something. You have to really love doing a certain type of work to be able to commit to it on a 24/7 basis, which is often a requirement for small business ownership. This passion generally shines brightly on customers, investors, and others you may come across in the business world. In fact, if a customer recognizes your passion for a product or service, that person may be more convinced to make a purchase from you as this positive sentiment will transfer to that person’s feelings in many cases.

#2 – Being a superb planner

What will be your next move? When will you formally launch your business? When do you expect to finally turn a profit? Bert Seither says that all high-achieving entrepreneurs are always thinking ahead. You have to plan for later today, tomorrow, next week, next month, and even next year. This is the case no matter what stage of business startup you may be in. Consider using a calendar, one of those handy mobile apps, or any other planning tool to get your mind in gear for the future. It’s easy to fall behind if you don’t operate like this.

#3 – Always having the bottom line top-of-mind

Passion and long hours in the office have to pay off eventually, right? Successful entrepreneurs are constantly thinking about innovative ways to make money. A good way to approach this is to think about every item on your to-do list and ask yourself how it’ll help make you money either directly or indirectly in some way. Cross off things that won’t, or at least move them to the bottom of the list. Always think of how you can sell someone, and learn from mistakes you may make along the way. If you’re doing something to support yourself, how could you not put your bottom line at the forefront at all times?

#4 – Being a self-motivated and driven person

It may sound cliché, but Bert Seither says entrepreneurs who discover success are self-motivated individuals. This means they don’t need others pushing them to get up every day and work hard. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a supporting cast around you, though. It simply means being able to encourage yourself to keep moving forward with a plan in spite of any hurdles that pop up along the way.

#5 – Being easily accessible to everyone

You have to make yourself accessible to your customers and anyone else who is interested in communicating with you to be an entrepreneur on a prosperous path. This means answering your phone at all hours, responding to e-mails or texts as soon as you can, and making every effort to follow up with others. This ties in directly to developing solid customer service skills. It can also result in valuable business partnerships down the road. While you still have to have a life outside of work, being available to others is an integral ingredient to future success.