Bert Seither: How to advertise a job in your small business

Bert Seither, The Startup Expert™

Bert Seither, The Startup Expert™

If you are experiencing significant growth in your small business to the point where you can’t handle it all yourself anymore, hiring a new employee or independent contractor to work for you may be necessary. Fortunately, there are several fairly easy ways to get the word out that you are hiring. Bert Seither, The Startup Expert™, explores these options:

— Using Online job sites
The Internet has simplified the job advertising game so much in recent years. From Monster to CareerBuilder to Craigslist, there are countless websites out there allowing business owners and hiring managers to find good candidates more easily. In fact, some online job boards allow job ads to be posted for free – or at least for a reasonable price. To reach a large pool of candidates, it’s an absolute must to explore online job posting services.

— Putting up a sign
There’s really nothing wrong with using the old-fashioned method of advertising a new employment opportunity by creating and putting up a “We’re Hiring” sign. Bert Seither, The Startup Expert™, recommends putting some contact info on such a sign like a website, e-mail address, or phone number where potential candidates can apply for the position. Or, of course, you could take walk-ins if you have an office with a secretary and are available to speak to candidates. You may consider posting this sign on the door to your office or retail store, or you could post copies of it on a community bulletin board in your area where employment opportunities can be advertised. Examples of such locations are libraries, chambers of commerce, and community centers.

— Attending job fairs
Many communities, organizations, and colleges host job fairs at various times throughout the year. Find out when the next ones will be held in your area. Set up a booth and talk to potential candidates who attend the fair. Some job fairs are geared toward specific industries, while others are more general. It’s often worth exploring both types of these job fairs to get the largest possible pool of candidates for the specific work you need someone to do for you.

— Using networking
Bert Seither, The Startup Expert™, says there are numerous reasons why small business owners should maintain a professional network. The ability to contact former colleagues for work opportunities is a big reason to do this. Browse your list of LinkedIn connections. Scroll through the list of contacts in your smartphone. Examine any e-mail lists of professional contacts you’ve maintained over time. Once you come up with several good contacts, reach out to these individuals to let them know about your opportunity. Perhaps these individuals are the actual candidates for the job you’re offering. Or they might be able to point you in the right direction to potential candidates. Also, realize that having a job candidate referred to you by a trusted individual is a fantastic way to reduce the amount of time interviewing someone.