Bert Seither on the benefits of a separate business location

The great advantages and conveniences of running a home-based business are well-documented. However, maintaining a separate location for your company like an office or a retail outlet can be extremely beneficial to the overall success of your small business as well. Bert Seither, who aids small business owners in turning their entrepreneurial dreams into realities, offers the following tips on this subject:

1) It gives your business more formality.
There are some preconceived notions about home-based companies and those housed in separate locations that are unique. According to Bert Seither, a small business that occupies a separate office or retail store may be viewed as a bit more formal and credible to outsiders. When customers walk into such a place, they can see with their eyes that it really exists and is officially in business. It gives you the opportunity to put a physical address on your business cards, website, and other materials that is different from your home street address or simply a P.O. box number. It can also put you among other businesses, which can bring in foot traffic that you’d otherwise be unable to gain under other circumstances.

2) It lets you see your customers/clients face-to-face.
Even though some self-employed business owners who work from home may have a special part of their residence dedicated to meeting with clients, it is not terribly common. That’s why housing your small business in an office space or at a storefront will allow you to see who your customers are. Not only is in-person customer interaction great to get to know your customers, but it can also give you a better grasp on how to target these customers for marketing and advertising purposes.

3) It gives you more space.
If you sell tangible products, it would certainly make sense to have a physical store for your company, Bert Seither says. It makes it a whole lot easier to display items on the floor, on shelving, or on countertops in a retail outlet than having them pile up at your home or in a storage unit. The same applies to businesses that sell items both in-person and online. Service providers can also benefit from having an office complex as well, especially if you intend to meet with clients face-to-face. Having your own workspace in a separate office means you can customize it to meet the specific needs of the type of trade your small business conducts. The last thing small business owners want is to be cramped or hindered by space, no matter what industry they’re in. Using a separate location is a great option in many instances.

4) It separates your business life from your personal life.
There are lots of reasons to put up a wall between your life as a business owner and your personal life outside of work. An effective way to put up this separator is to maintain a separate place for your small business outside of where you reside. You just might run a more successful business by doing this since it’s much easier to turn on your business-operating mindset when you are in a specific place for it and turn it off when you aren’t there. You can have a different address, phone number, office, and everything to make your company succeed outside of what you do at home. Even if you don’t deal with clients in-person or sell any kind of products that people would need to purchase from a store, the list of advantages for this separation is quite lengthy, and it’s definitely worth exploring.