Getting more satisfaction out of a business – Bert Seither

Just like the Rolling Stones are singing about not getting enough satisfaction, some small business owners are clamoring for the same thing. The process of running a business can be quite daunting, and the satisfaction levels of business owners aren’t always high. To try and keep yourself satisfied as much as possible, small business advisor Bert Seither points out the following tips:

1) Try something new with your products/services.

Even though we’re all creatures of habit, it is common for business owners to occasionally get tired of selling the same products or services over and over. If you mix things up a bit, you can be refreshed by trying something new. Add a twist to a service you offer. Put in spin on a product you sell. Not only could this be good for you, but your customers may also respond in a positive manner since people tend to be curious about new things. If your business formula is working well, don’t mess with it too much, but you can still do subtle things that will make your job a little more exciting and satisfying. Coming up with a new idea that winds up being successful is very rewarding.

2) Try new marketing strategies.

Finding the most effective recipe to market a small business can be mind-numbing at times, Bert Seither says. You might spend a lot of money on marketing strategy #1 and then do something for free with strategy #2, yet the free one nets you the most leads and customers. Use variety in your marketing methods, such as using social media if you never have or exploring TV or radio ad buys. While word-of-mouth is a proven method, mixing up your strategies is smart, and it gives you the chance to be more creative. It is always quite satisfying to get a solid return on investment for a marketing campaign.

3) Attend networking events/trade shows.

Sometimes it’s hard to have a good understanding of how you are faring in the small business world. In fact, you just might be one of the most successful entrepreneurs in your town without even knowing it. That’s why Bert Seither believes attending networking events and trade shows is a fantastic idea for multiple reasons. You get to meet and interact with others who are just as motivated as you in similar fields. While this is a great opportunity for potential partnerships, it is also a way to see how you stand among your peers in order to find out how much of an impression you’re really making on your market. Who doesn’t like to feel good about their work when they realize how unique their businesses really are? Additionally, trade shows can give you feedback on what you sell.

4) Build stronger customer relationships.

Interacting with your customers may be one of the most enjoyable and interesting parts of your role as a small business owner. You can add getting satisfaction to this list as well. When you see with your own eyes how people are benefiting from what you are offering to them, you can truly feel satisfied and at peace with your ultimate decision to go into business. In essence, a satisfied customer makes a satisfied owner.