How diversity can benefit a small business – Bert Seither

Bert Seither, a small business expert

Small business expert Bert Seither

We’ve all heard the saying that America is a “melting pot” of people and cultures. Diversity is a wonderful aspect of any organization, and the same can be applied to the small business arena. Bert Seither, who helps small business owners find a path to prosperity, explains how diversity can significantly benefit the success of a small business.

— It can bring different perspectives to the table
Perhaps the #1 benefit to small business diversity is that it brings a range of perspectives and personalities to a group of motivated professionals. This can be a tremendous benefit because small businesses often need more input in order to remain profitable. Such input could be on how the company is run, how its products/services are sold, and where it conducts business. When a small business has these different minds behind it, all the bases will be covered, and the company will have the best chance of rising above its competition since such a big array of approaches will be taken into consideration.

— It can benefit your customer service and sales
According to Bert Seither, diversity can be a very effective tool for customer service purposes. Bringing on employees who are bilingual means they can communicate with customers face-to-face, by phone, or even by e-mail or chat in Spanish, French, German, or other relevant languages among a customer base. Customers love small businesses that offer these communication options. There is a comfort level that takes place in these cases, and the chances of making a sale can also increase substantially. Language isn’t the only aspect of customer service that diversity can benefit, though. A small business with people of all types of backgrounds can make for a variety of personalities, and this variation is essential to keeping the company fresh and to offer the best overall service to customers.

— It can empower a small business owner’s management skills
When a small business owner works with individuals of different genders, ethnicities, and experiences, he or she will gain additional management skills to allow such a leader to grow. This personal growth for a small business owner often results in the growth of the small business at-hand. Interacting with a diverse group brings up lots of different viewpoints and things that a small business owner wouldn’t otherwise learn about if this person is limited to only working with like-minded colleagues. These perspectives can improve the quality of service, the types of products/services a small business offers, and the future growth and prosperity of a company as the American landscape continues to be influenced by other cultures. Additionally, a small business owner who employs a variety of staff members over time becomes confident in working with those from all backgrounds.

— It can improve the adaptability/productivity of a work environment
Bert Seither says that when several employees put their heads together in a diverse setting, the workplace adaptability and productivity can go up quite a bit. Adaptability means that current and future employees will be more comfortable with each other because the personalities of each individual can make the atmosphere more inviting to anyone who joins the team. As for productivity, people of different backgrounds have unique strengths. Combining these strengths into one powerful small business is a great way to get work done more efficiently.