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The Home Office Deduction Explained – Bert Seither

It has become more common than ever for entrepreneurs and small business owners to be working out of their homes. With more people using the Internet to conduct business and software like Skype or FaceTime that allow for video conversations from practically anywhere, more self-employed individuals continue to discover the convenience and savings of working […]

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Deducting business phone expenses – Bert Seither

These days, people are attached to their phones like they are literally part of their bodies. Whether we are talking on them, texting on them, surfing the Internet, or playing one of those addicting games, it’s hard for most of us to be without our phones. Because these devices are so important to us, you […]

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Deducting business travel expenses – Bert Seither

We all know how quickly travel costs can add up in a short period of time. From the airfare to the hotel to the rental car to meals, traveling is never an inexpensive adventure. That’s why small business specialist Bert Seither recommends you should explore the possible IRS tax deductions you can claim on travel […]

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