Why I volunteer for SCORE

Bert Seither

Small business advisor Bert Seither

As a small business advisor who loves helping others, I’m constantly looking for opportunities to assist both entrepreneurs and current business owners with the ideas they are most passionate about. I love seeing America’s small businesses drive our economy.

I recently became a member of SCORE, a national nonprofit organization made up of current and retired business owners and executives. These experienced individuals provide free mentoring services to aspiring business owners who are looking to successfully launch or reinvigorate their own business dreams. SCORE also offers a variety of workshops for a fee. Through these programs, SCORE makes a difference in the lives of motivated entrepreneurs in search of a helping hand to find their paths to prosperity.

I volunteer for SCORE in order to relay my valuable experiences working with small business owners to individuals who can really take them into account in their own decision-making. I’ve been fortunate to have assisted thousands of individuals, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to share these experiences with those who come to SCORE for assistance. I personally understand what it’s like to take the dive into something totally new and unfamiliar like starting a business. It can be scary because of the big risks involved. However, I love seeing others take these calculated risks and ultimately succeed in the end. I know I can help others with their entrepreneurial passions by volunteering for SCORE.

Check out my SCORE profile here: http://www.score.org/mentors/bert-seither